AbleTrend Trading Software Chart Trade

CT Module for AbleTrend 7.0 to place trades directly from charts or Auto Order Execution (AOE)

For the "Order Execution", there are three methods for placing orders:

  1. Manual trading orders
  2. Chart trading orders
  3. Automated trading orders

If you are looking for automatic trading systems, or automated trading software, this module is for you. In recent years, "Chart" trading has become more and more popular in trading system software. The chart trading can be done with AbleTrend 7.0 "Trade Mode" (TM). This is a powerful add-on optional module for the 7.0 software to place trades directly from charts or Automatic Order Execution (AOE).

Major benefits of the Chart Trade

The Chart Trade placement is built-in AbleTrend software. The program allows you to click an icon labeled TM("Trade Mode") to place a market, stop or limit order directly from the chart with your mouse clicks (see example chart below). All you need is your mouse and a visual display line position on the chart. The position of your mouse on the chart will be your stop or limit order price. As soon as the orders are filled, the blue or red lines represent your current or open positions.

Chart Trade

Chart Trade. Market, stop or limit order is just one click away. For example, the current price for stock BHP is 68.45. When you put your mouse above the current price, you may click to place a "Sell Limit" order or "Buy Stop" order.

As soon as your order is placed, you will see a line representing the order or position on the chart. You may drag and move the line to change your stop or limit order, and you can exit or change the order with just one click. This allows you to visually see where your positions are in relation to the graph, and it works especially well with a trading system like ours, where support and resistance are plotted on the chart. Also the P/L will keep tracking the position's profit/loss in real time.


CT Modules are available for annual lease or full purchase only. It support the order systems of TD AMERITRADE, E*TRADE, FXCM, Open E-Cry, Infinity Futures, Interactive Brokers, MB Trading and Advanced Markets etc. We have special CT module for each brokerage firm.

Each CT module price is $999.00/year, and $1,999.00 to purchase.

Order CT Module

How It Works?

Account Setup

You must order the CT module in order to use the Chart Trade. You need install the CT Modules in the working folder.

See the figure below: first go to a chart. (1) Click TM icon to enter the Chart Trade mode. (2) Click the keyboard icon to open the AOE Center.

Chart Trade Set up

After open the AOE center, from Account Information > Setup, you may input the account login ID and password.

Market Orders

When go to a chart, and click "TM" icon on the top, you will see the quick order panel displayed as below. You may adjust it size and location on the screen.

Chart Trade Market Order

Stop Orders and Limit Order

Chart Trade Limit Order

The black line is the "last" price of the market. If your mouse position is below the last price, you will see button of "Sell Stop" and "Buy Limit". However, if your mouse position is above the last price, you will see button of "Sell Limit" and "Buy Stop" buttons. Click the button, you may place stop or limit order, and modify the trading size.

  1. Close Position
    (1) You may quick click the "E" to exit the position.
    (2) Or, go to AOE Center > Open Position > click the position, the select "Close".
  2. Change Stop or Limit Order

Chart Trade Change Order

The open position is displayed by blue or red dash line. Blue means Buy, and Red means Sell. Here, (a) is drop-down for modifying the quantity (trading size). (b) is for moving the stop or limit order price. (c) means to cancel the open position. (d) means quickly modifying the order.

Auto Order Execution (AOE)

The Auto Order Execution (AOE) module is included in the Chart Trade mode.

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